Wednesday, March 14, 2018


hello, my name is carmel and I am going to tell you about my skills, qualities, talents, and my strengths

 Talents:                     Qualities:
driving                       nice
motorbikes              sincere
quads                         loyal
trucks                        honest
kapahaka                 understanding
dancer                    chill
singing                   daredevil
cleaning              Strengths:
swimming         intelligence
manu                 patience
diving                science
fitness                 smart
cooking              critic
netball                cool

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

My silhouette

This is me with my silhouette. we made this silhouette with magazines, paper, glue and many more materials to make this we had to go thru a long process we had to set up the lamp and we had to do all that then we had to trace the shadow of our face then we rote down what we liked then we cut out the words of the magazines and put them inside the face then we cut it out put it on a black piece of paper and then we were done but it was a way longer process and it was pretty hard to make it but we did it.

Waiting Day

Surfing at Lonsdale park

    Lonsdale park

On Monday 19th February we went to Lonsdale park it was pretty fun the first thing we did was go to the school to get ready to leave. We went with whaea Joe it was pretty fun. When we got to camp we had to set up all of our things like  make our beds, and just roam around camp for a little bit it was fun then we had to all round up at the front of the dining room entrance when they wanted to say it was dinner or something like that.

But that time they were calling us to say that it was time to go to matauri bay to do surf school and do the rainbow warrior walk so we all set off ready to go the first thing they did was put us into the cars that were going to transport us so that is when we set off for camp.

When we got there we all had to walk to the end of the street where the surf school boards were then they introduced themselves there names were Conner, Kein, and Shawn then after they talked we had to take the boards down to the beach me and my best friend aja took 2 boards they were blue.

When we got down to the beach we all had to line up our boards on a line that they drew the line was half a circle after we did that they told us the safety rules, then they told us if you are in a rip dont panic then they said that if you are in danger put your fist up and call for help after they explained all of those we all got our boards and got ready to surf.

When we got in to the water we all had to wait for the right wave there were some big waves that were coming but if you missed it you would have to wait all over again for the right wave it would take about ten waves for the next big waves. I did catch  a wave it went really fast and the target was to go right up to sure.

After we did our surf school we played in the waves for a bit it was fun. We were getting smashed over by the waves and we were doing flips in the waves as well after that me and my best friend aja went to go have a drink of water and then we had something to eat after that we laid our towles out on the sand and lied in the sun for about 5 minutes then we decided to put some sunblock on so we wouldn't get sunburnt then we layed in the sun for about 10 minutes

until that time we decided to go back into the water so we did when we went into the water it was so cold we could hardly even move until we dived under the water then we started to get back into it we started to get knocked over and diving into the waves until we had to take the surfboard back to there car then after that we all set off back to camp that was a really fun day.          

Monday, December 25, 2017

wharepuni compared to my house

my house has windows that allows you to gaze at the stars, and the wharepuni has a small door where you can stare at the stars as long as you want to, my house is cozy and small, the wharepuni is small and cozy like my house

my house has furniture and the wharepuni doesn't. my house is made of different materials that holds the house in place, the wharepuni is made of outdoor materials and not proper matirel like nail and instalation.


On your blog, compare the wharepuni to your own home. What are two similarities and two differences between a wharepuni and your house?

Sunday, December 24, 2017

        Bonus activity

One day I would like to be in a waka ama race because it can prepare me for
mental and physical strengths and it can keep you fit and healthy and I will also
be in a race for having a good time those are the reasons to join the waka ama

Bonus activity

Watch this short video of a Waka Ama race. And on your blog ask yourself would you ever
want to be in a waka ama race and tell us why.
Dear friend

I am writing this letter to you because I miss our long days together back home. When we left home I couldn’t stop thinking about how our trip was going to be I was thinking the worst about our voyage to aotearoa I thought a sea monster was going to arise from of the realms of the deep sea and thrash our waka but thankfully that didn't happen. The weather has been rough and some days the weather has been clam. The feeling of leaving our home was nerve wracking but I do not regret coming to new zealand, any ways I will see you in another time.

Farewell friend

Task 2 summer learning journey
Imagine you were traveling to new Zealand and express your feeling and thought when you left when you were traveling and when you got there