Monday, June 25, 2018

Marae noho

On thursday our school had a marae noho i came to school late so i didn't really know what we were doing. When I got to school all the seniors had gone to tech I was the only senior at waima school when all the seniors came back from tech it was about 2 o'clock so they came back when school was just finishing. When they got back we all had to make cards for all the adults that went to lonsdale park I had to say thank you to tahu and lofa.

We done that for a little while, then when we done that we had to have something to eat so the teachers put out some snacks for the kids to eat we had chips and milk after we did that we all had assembly and we were going for a swim it was really cold. When we had finished our swim we went over to the marae and set up our beds

So then we had to help with dinner me and aja butter the bread and that was all we did. When we finished we went outside and we were playing for a bit. Then when dinner was ready we all ate then we had dessert it was yum when we finished that uncle rob came in and was telling as stories about the tapu carvings under the big rock it was a really cool story after our story we all went to be we were pretty tired from our big day

When it was the morning we woke up really early to help make breakfast when we were done making breakfast all the people woke up and had breakfast when we were finished we all had a big clean up and made our way back to school. And that was the end of our marae noho.


Wednesday, June 20, 2018



On Friday we always do poi and again whaea Annie was teaching us so the first thing we do is we grab
12 pieces of different coloured sting so that weans we have to colours cut make 6 strings of each one then
we put all of them together then you grab a baked bean can and wrap it around 1 times then you have to
take it off then your 12 pieces of string and put it thru the hole then we tie the hole closed and then you
divide your strings in to 4 then we started our 4 plat

How to do 4 plat
All you need is to get help from someone and then you put the bottom bit of the poi in between your
helpers toes to hold it tight after you have done that you give to strings to your helper and then you have
to and then all you do is keep crisscrossing the pattern until it makes a 4 plat

Carrying on we will have to make a top bit so all we do is you need fluff and a plastic bag and egg carton
so all you do is you cat put some of your plastic bag and then you grab some fluff then your string at the
top should have some extra strong you will have to tie the egg carton oblong shape then we had to tie it
all together and then we are done.Image result for poi

young leaders day

When we went to young leaders day it was very inspiring to be who you are and not care what other people think about you no matter what. When we went here was a lot of quests that came there was the Kaimanawas there was Jono Naylor and there was many many more. It was really fun because we stayed at a motor park and we had a nice room.  



At tech we have to make all sorts of thing we had to make jam and then we had a term
where we made aprons to cook then the next term we do cooking it is really fun we
made chicken and sausage casserole and then we made a nice soup it was really yum
and then we had to make bread with it.

Art carmel

art Image result for art logo

Every Friday we have art with whaea Joe we have to do all kinds
of things and even on special occasions like if Christmas and
matariki is coming up we all have to do things related to that.
And that is the reason why I enjoy doing art when we go to art this
week we are doing our names in Egyptian symbols

Tuesday, June 19, 2018


On Friday we have hip-hop we are currently learning a dance that is going to be entered
on the urban dance competition we are doing our dance to the song drip drip by
Cardi b and there is many more songs in there because it is a mix i really enjoy
hip-hop that is why I always look forward to Fridays

By CarmelImage result for hiphop

Friday, June 1, 2018


For this piece of work we had to do weaving

I was successful in my learning because I learnt how to make a putiputi.

My next learning steps are to make a rose I know how to but I can't quit do it right
If you have any helpful ideas/hints please let me know so I can get your feedback

On Friday Whaea Annie took as out to find harakeke,
I learnt how to make a Putiputi and I attempted to make a rose but I didn't quit get it.

  1. The first thing you do is grab your flax remember not to cut the parents and the baby.
  2. Then you split it into parts you can split it in to how much you want
  3. Then you get the end of the splits that you made then you fold it down and go over and under
  4. When you have done that you keep going until you are done
  5. Then how you tie it is that you grab one of your splits and wrap it around then you tie it and then you are done.